The Perfect Gift for BMW Petrolheads

As petrolheads, we often get emotionally tied to our cars. We obsess over perfecting them, fantasize about mods we should we could do, and ultimately cherish the mere ownership of them. Which is why getting a gift for the petrolhead in your life that connects them to their car even further is always a good idea. However, that can be a bit tricky sometimes, as any sort of parts or accessories for a car can be difficult. That makes this custom artwork from Respoke perfect for any petrolhead.

Respoke offers all sorts of different car-related artwork, with many different interesting photos to choose from. However, the most interesting offering is the custom artwork. If you have a car you love you want some framed artwork of it, just take a high quality photo of it and send it to Respoke. They then create a digital piece of art, print it, frame it, and ship it to you. Then, you have a piece of stylish artwork of your very own car.

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If you don’t have a car that you love, or your the petrolhead in your life doesn’t actually own a car they love, but have a dream car, Respoke can do the very same thing. Just give them a high quality photo of said dream car and they’ll make you some fine art to hang on your wall.

We got some Respoke art ourselves. Horatiu, being the one that owns a BMW 1 Series M, got his own car made into art and framed, this way he can be reminded of how jealous most of us are every time he looks at it…

If you want to decorate an office, bedroom, bar, or your own little man/woman cave, these pieces from Respoke are great ways to give a room a little bit of automotive flair. Especially if you personalize them to match either your own car or a dream car.


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