Video roundup of the 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb

The 2021 Goodwood Festival of Speed is over, and we have all the highlights rounded up for you here. For those who missed the live stream action over the weekend, the Festival gathers up a bunch of clips into YouTube videos. You can see the most important one at the top of this post — the Sunday shootout — and we’ve gathered a bunch of others you can watch below, too.

Right off the top, though, we’ll make the drama easy to find. Unfortunately, a few large mishaps into the hay bales did occur throughout the weekend. First up, we have the crash from Sunday’s big shootout involving the NASCAR Camaro. This one happened right near the end of the climb, as the Camaro tried to use just a few inches too much of the road.

Next up, we have the brand-new Alpina B8 Gran Coupe. This crash was pretty clear cut. Too much speed at corner entry led to some brutal understeer, ultimately leading to the new BMW’s front getting crunched into the hay bales. All the airbags went off, so this was no light impact.

The last crash we’ll highlight is the Jaguar XJR-12D’s moment. You can see the driver lose the rear end by the wall, and thankfully he misses that before finding himself in the hay bales. It’s no light crash, but it’s better than going nose-first into the wall.

Now that we’re done with the crashes, check out this McLaren Elva go up the hill and nearly crash over and over. It’s raining. The car has no roof or windshield, and over 800 horsepower is being sent through the rear wheels. This run up the hill may be the most entertaining of the bunch to watch, just because the driver is on the scary edge of things the entire time.

If you wanted to see less dramatic and more pretty runs, check out the summaries of each day below.

Fans of the drifting classes will enjoy this compilation of drift runs up the hill.

And in case you wanted a quick tour of the latest supercars on sale today, Goodwood put together a video with all of those running back-to-back.

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