Suzuki Jimny LCV is a bare-bones two-seater

The Suzuki Jimny is a truly versatile vehicle, and we don’t just mean in its prodigious off-road capabilities. Turns out, the compact 4×4 can be configured in a variety of ways to skirt the road tax rules and enthusiast demands of various markets, making it an even more desirable proposition for a budget four-wheeler.

The latest variant arrives in the form of the Jimny LCV for the U.K. market. That stands for Light Commercial Vehicle, and as such it’s not subject to the same strict emissions rules as passenger cars. It also means that it doesn’t come with any rear seats, expanding the cargo area to just a hair over 30 cubic feet.

In fact, the U.K.’s emissions laws were so strict, Suzuki was forced to take the Jimny off the market in early 2020. After a year’s hiatus, this workaround was the only way to bring the popular SUV back to old Blighty.

There’s only one trim level to the Jimny LCV. It comes with solid colors, but you can order metallic or two-tone paint for an extra charge, its only option. As with most LCVs, there’s a safety partition separating the cargo from the front seats. Compared to the passenger version with all seats folded flat, there’s an extra 1.2 cubic feet of hauling space.

The Jimny LCV might just be the latest version, but it’s not the only one. There’s already a narrow-body and small displacement version to qualify it as a kei car in its native Japan. Also, there’s the recently announced Jimny Lite to serve as a blank canvas for enthusiasts who want to build their own rig.

Like the Jimny Lite, the Jimny LCV comes with analog climate controls as opposed to digital, a traditional stereo in place of a touchscreen, halogen headlights instead of LED, 15-inch steel wheels instead of aluminum and a five-speed manual as the only transmission option. It differs from the cost-saving Lite, however, in that the LCV retains its fog lamps.

Of course, it the LCV still retains the things that make it a great off-roader, including the ladder-frame construction, solid front and rear axles, and low-range gearing. In essence, it’s a wink to true enthusiasts who missed their chance to get a Jimny prior to 2020.

Suzuki U.K. says that it will be “available in very limited numbers” for 2021. So, if you live there and want a new Jimny, the four-wheeling gods have given you a rare second chance.

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