Fully electric Ram 1500 will begin production in 2024

Ram is fully present and accounted for at Stellantis’ EV Day. The company announced and teased a fully-electric Ram 1500 that is due to be out in 2024. And it’s not just going to be fully revealed in 2024. Ram says it’s going to begin production on the electric pickup that year.

Details are scarce on the ground, but Ram teased us with a shadowy image of what we should expect of its electric full-size pickup. It looks almost nothing like the current Ram 1500, with an incredibly sleek profile, full-width front light bar and surprisingly short bed. We’re not sure how representative this photo will ultimately be of the production pickup, but it looks like Ram is open to big, revolutionary change in pickup design with this product.

Specific details about the pickup weren’t talked about, but Stellantis does provide a range estimate for an upcoming “STLA Frame” BEV platform that will undoubtedly underpin this Ram. As of today, Ram says it will offer a range of up to 500 miles. There will surely be lesser versions with smaller battery packs, but a 500-mile range is a great place to start.

Besides the 1500, Ram says it will offer a fully electrified solution “in the majority of our segments by 2025.” Ram’s portfolio of vehicles is rather limited, but that suggests we’ll see electric versions of the ProMaster and ProMaster City at some point. The “majority” stipulation in there is likely referring to the Heavy Duty truck segment. There could be EVs there one day, but that’s certainly the segment that Ram is excluding for the time being.

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