Fashion Grey F90 M5 Competition brchp2.0


Morning! I finally took delivery of my Individual spec F90 M5 LCI. After 5 months of exhausting the “refresh” button for the ETA on this car, she’s now home! I’ll be posting a detailed write up, along with pictures once the KW kit and spacers are installed. Proper pictures after ceramic coating will be in line as well! I couldn’t wait until then though, as I’m far too excited and wanted to show everyone! Yes- I know the reflector pieces need to be changed, they are in the box along with the spacers and KW’s being installed a week from today. ALSO- tint being applied this afternoon. Next post will show completed form, along with a proper detail and pictures. Enjoy!

Just snapped a few quick pics for the purpose of everyone seeing this beautiful build!


Fashion Grey 2021 M5


Piano Black trim

Bowers & Wilkins



Drivers Assistance

MPE Exhaust

MPE Pro Spoiler

MPE Diffuser

MPE Carbon Mirrors

MPE Carbon Side Blades

MPE carbon side vents

IND Color Matched Badge

IND Gloss Black Roundels (hood and trunk)

IND Gloss Blk Honeycomb

IND Plate Frame

IND Floating Wheel Caps


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