X5M F95 / X6M F96 Sporty Soundtrack w/ Valvetronic Fi EXHAUST

BMW X5 M F95 / X6 M F96 Fi EXHAUST (OPF) Valvetronic Cat-Back + Downpipe

Fi EXHAUST BMW X5 M F95 / X6 M F96 / Competition product page: https://bit.ly/2OOTRKA

Frequency Intelligent Exhaust provides the best of both worlds. It’s the perfect exhaust system for those who want to cruise in comfort and experience sport car resonance and Fi EXHAUST signature frequency at a press of a button.

The Fi EXHAUST has been rigorously tested to offer the highest performance and optimal sound frequency. The exhaust is built from a high grade stainless steel material and masterfully detailed and finished using TIG welding producing high quality and clean welds.

When valves are closed exhaust gasses are routed through the muffler resulting in a low-profile comfortable drive. When valves are fully open for maximum flow and performance it creates an intense sports car sound with signature Fi EXHAUST frequency. The M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine in unleashed and the sound volume is to 112.6 dB. Please note the provided sound measurement is taken from a car installed with Fi EXHAUST valvetronic catback only, which removes 2 stock cats alongside OPF filters. The microphone was positioned at a distance of 0,5m from the exhaust tips, at an angle of 45 degrees and 0,2m from the ground for a more accurate measurement.

Fi users can regulate a desired sound volume from quiet comfort to sporty aggressive using an OEM sport button. In sport mode valves are opened, which improves exhaust gas flow, increases sound volume and spices up exhaust note.

Fi users can also experience our vibrant exhaust sound on their own terms using our cutting edge Fi Pro Control System. Our sporty 2 button style remote control is lightweight, ergonomic and offers an intuitive way to switch between Street and Race sound profiles. The design is smooth and offers a nice grip, and the aluminum alloy ring can be customized in 14 different colors or switched to forged carbon rings with a unique marble-like texture.

Take the personalization further with our Fi Pro App available both App Store and Google Play. Search “Fi EXHAUST Pro” to download and monitor real-time valve status with the help of our intuitive and user friendly interface. Assign Auto Mode preferences based on RPM/Speed/Turbo Boost. When Auto Mode is activated the system will intelligently open valves depending on the auto mode method and set data unit, for example, at 3000RPM.

Fi Pro Control System also addresses the CEL issue after changing to an aftermarket exhaust. On an engine startup Fi users can activate Auto Scan function to instantly scan and delete any CEL related to catalytic converter. This function can be activated on Fi Pro App and is available on selected car models. Manual debugging is also available to remove unwanted CEL related to catalytic convertor.

BMW BMW X5 M F95 / X6 M F96 / Competition features:

  • Full valvetronic exhaust system, which includes front pipe, mid X-pipe,
    valvetronic muffler and downpipe.
  • 2 downpipe options to regulate exhaust gas flow and sound: Ultra high flow catless and Sport 200 cell downpipes.
  • Manufactured from a high-grade T304 stainless steel.
  • Expert TIG welding techniques.
  • Weight reduction compared to OEM/Stock exhaust.
  • Street/Race exhaust sound profiles.
  • Rigorously sound tuned exhaust sound frequency.
  • Horsepower increase and low back pressure.
  • Guaranteed bolt-on fitment using precision crafted design.
  • Exhaust tips colors available in 5 colors: silver, titanium blue, gold and with carbon fiber.
  • Fi intelligent ECU exhaust valve control valve flaps can be controlled using OEM Sport button.
  • Fi intelligent ECU exhaust control valve flaps can also be controlled with Fi Pro Control System (optional).
  • Compatible with OPF and non-OPF models.
  • Available for X5 M F95 / X6 M F96 / Competition models.

Fi EXHAUST 001 Version for the X5M F95 / X6M F96 model.

Detail shots of the quad carbon fiber tips.

Fi EXHAUST Authenticity Badge.

Rear view of the X6 M F96 with the OEM exhaust system.

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