G82 M4 Competition Auto Bild Sportscars Supertest


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Wow faster than the GTS! This car is insane.

BMW did benchmark the GTS when building these new Generation M3/M4.

Oh no doubt! I’m just surprised still seeing as it’s so much heavier.

It’s “just” 94kg (207lbs) heavier than the GTS (1601kg vs 1695kg). It has more tire on the ground and probably better bracing to support/stiffen suspension pickup points. However it has std suspension and not coilovers like the GTS. So it’s quite impressive yes.

This gen M3/M4 has the potential to be the largest leap between generations in track performance in the history of M3/M4…

Nürburgring Supertest lap times:

E36 M3: 8:35
E46 M3: 8:22
E46 M3 CSL: 7:50
E92 M3: 8:05
E92 M3 GTS: 7:49
F82 M4: 7:52
F82 M4 GTS: 7:37
F82 M4 CS: 7:42
G82 M4 Comp: 7:28-7:29

All the lap times are Sport Auto Supertest lap times, apart from the G82 which is a inside source BMW factory lap time (unclear if that is the SA layout or full length lap).

Previous gen std M3/M4 have been slower than the predecessor CSL/GTS models. The G8x Comp seem to be faster than the previous gen GTS and CS…

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