Harry’s Garage – 2021 BMW M3 Competition review. Is this actually the new M5?


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As expected the best review yet on the G80/82.
As the owner of Evo back when car magazines were king, Harry gave a leg up to the likes of Henry Catchpole, Chris Harris, Richard Meadon, Steve Sutcliff etc.
He has forgotten more than the majority of youtubers will ever know.

Absolutely, the quality of the stuff that comes out of the UK is night and day difference compared to the US. Meanwhile, people still listen to people like Matt Farah like he’s relevant compared to these guys I love Harry’s eclectic taste in cars and really enjoy his videos, especially the restoration ones.

P.S. If you guys want a good way to waste a couple of hours, listen to “Collecting Cars” videos/Podcasts on Youtube. It’s absolutely fascinating listening to these guys talk about cars, and it’s also extremely relatable.

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