2021 BMW M Track Days


Sonoma Raceway
May 19 – 23TEXAS
Circuit of the Americas
July 8 – 13

Monticello Motor Club
October 12 – 19

Laguna Seca
November 2 – 7

M Track Days is your chance to experience the unmatched power and control of the BMW M line – our most dynamic high-performance driving machines. Our half-day Sprint Package lets you pilot exclusive M models during a series of thrill-filled track activities including Timed Autocross, Lead-Follow Lapping and our 0-60 drag-race challenge. You won’t want to miss this, so steer your way towards the sign-up today.

Our full-day Endurance Package gets you closely acquainted with our entire lineup of M models and is jam-packed with activities. The total experience includes our Timed Autocross, Lead-Follow Lapping and our 0-60 drag-race challenge, plus added activities like Skid Pad drifting and one-on-one coaching from a BMW Motorsport Professional Driver. Feel the adrenaline rush as you get behind the wheel of our top-of-the-line M models, and learn how to push their capabilities to the max from the pros.

Find out how fast you can go from 0 to 60 behind the wheel of our M4 Competition, M8 Coupe, X5 M and X6 M vehicles. In this head-to-head drag-race challenge, you’ll face-off against your opponent to see who can take-off the quickest and cross the finish line the fastest. Buckle up and get ready to floor it, because this is acceleration and adrenaline like you’ve never felt before.

Follow close behind a BMW Professional Driving Instructor during fast-paced laps and learn the track skills you need to take your talents to new heights. You’ll learn advanced driving theory through exercises that highlight our top-of-the-line performance vehicles – the M3 Competition and the M5. Speed your way to a higher level of racing, and choose our Endurance Package to elevate your experience even more with an M2 Competition vehicle.

Race against the clock as you maneuver our powerful BMW M2 Competition vehicle through a challenging course that’s designed to thrill. With the specialized direction of a BMW Professional Driving Instructor, you’ll feed your hunger for speed as you put the vehicle’s agility, safety features and technology to the test. Goosebumps are to be expected.

Prepare yourself for high-speed performance in our BMW M5. We turn the Dynamic Stability System off and 2WD mode on, and let you command the car as you push the limits of the xDrive performance technology over our wet Skid Pad. The M5 is fully equipped for good old-fashioned drifting, so gear up for some fast-action fun. This is available as part of our Endurance Package only.

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