Picked up my SPY/YMB M4C + First Thoughts


Well that was a long enough wait from placing the deposit in September after the unveil! Car was actually at port of entry in Halifax at beginning of the month, but railroad delay and my own timing made it so that I only took delivery today. Specs in my sig, US equiv packages would be exec pack + driver assist + parking assist A few quick first notes … all very preliminary as I only have 170km (105mi) on the odo (picked up at 34km) Next step is tint shop, 20% all around I’m thinking would look good.

– SPY is very loud (that plus being one of the earlier G8X deliveries I got looks after looks on the drive home). I personally love the lime green hue that it gives off when not under direct sunlight, and works very very well with the YMB interior
– the more GT-like direction is obvious moment you look at it, it’s a big car and dwarfs the F87 in my pics below and is beefier looking than the F82 dealer had in the room as well
– Car is long and wide! The lack of strong body lines makes it not as obvious in photos but the stance is quite aggressive and mean in person
– got Pirelli PZ4s ..Still a little chilly in Toronto today (6c/43f) and had some wheelspin in MDM going from a dig
– This car would not look good with front plate mounted in the centre of the grill. Off the shelf mounts right now would either get in the way of a nearby parking sensor or not clear the curved bumper piece. Waiting for US Millwork custom solution Until then, putting it inside windshield, which the heavy police prescience in Toronto today didn’t care about
– noticed no light carpet, not sure if it’s a setting I haven’t found or it doesn’t come with…
– i was worried the blue calipers wouldn’t look good with SPY but since it’s a darker blue it blends in just fine with black 826M rims

– Carbon bucket seats are shockingly comfy for me at 6’2 and 215lb. Again ingress and egress is the challenge due to the tall leg bolster, but once once in they are very comfy. Perhaps I’m lucky that the contour works for my body but the lack of lumbar support could be bothersome to some.
– Spec’d the YMB extended merino, material quality solid overall but harder plastic in lower door and centre console, a hard knee rest is disappointing. Full leather at 4k cad upcharge wasn’t worth it for me but you would get a stitched knee rest at least.
– My S20 Ultra with spigen tough armor case does not fit the wireless charger, but without it it fits fine; thus need a slimmer case. I also find the phone overheating while on the charger and playing Spotify via Android Auto, and that has led to bad bluetooth connection.
– HK stereo lacks bass but sounds clearer relative to the B&O in the S4 I just got out of
– the reverse boomerang gauge is not my cup of tea outside the cool driver assist screen (the self driving features worked well in the short highway trip I used it in); Sport M Mode gauge is much better and brings up the tach on the HUD as well, and you can still configure all the driver assist stuff on except radar cruise

– hard to make a proper assessment while car is still breaking in but the review comments on linear power delivery, fast steering rack, and general refinement and not-scary-to-drive is very evident on Day 1
– Sport Plus chassis on the shtty Toronto city pavements are a bit much, I find Sport to be decent, M1 I have it on engine sport+, chassis sport, gearbox d2, steering comfort, brake sport (comfort is way too mushy), DSC on
– nice sound with a decent burble tune so far, a lot is piped in however. Will see if things change or improve as car is broken in
– my friend who has a F87 was kind enough to take me for a ride prior so I could have a basis for comparison. The M2C fixed suspension feels firmer than G82 in Sport chassis but tbf I was riding shotgun, and the DCT shifts are way more “obvious”, as in even in the shifts are smooth and drama free in the G82, adds to the overall superior refinement which could be a con to some looking for rawness and theatre
– was told prior to break in service car is running at a reduced tune, perhaps that’s where some of the “underwhelming” comments come from; also no LC pre break in service either but not that i tried today
– auto start stop is surprisingly well implemented and smooth.. For day to day purpose I’d keep it on if only to reduce NVH at lights

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