TheSmokingTire Matt Farah G82 Manual Review

The thing that kills me about these reviews is the complete lack of perspective. It’s like they’re comparing it to some mythical sports sedan that doesn’t exist, instead of basing their comparisons on your other options in the segment. The car is “super heavy”…unless you compare it to its main competitors, where it’s actually one of the lightest.

The car is “way too big”…unless you compare it to its main competitors, where it’s right in line with them.

The car has the “wrong transmission”…unless you compare it to its main sporty competitor, the Giuliano QV, which uses the exact same transmission.

On the topics of transmission – the fact that this is the ONLY sports sedan in its class with a manual doesn’t even get mentioned. If you want your car with a stick, it’s literally the only thing in its class.

Also, and it’s unrelated, but he gets a bunch of facts wrong. He says that the car they are driving is a “stripper model”, proving the car is way too expensive, but it has literally every option. He also thinks that the ventilated seats are $1k for some reason.

I think the car has issues, I’m not some crazed fanboy, but that review had some real lack of context and perspective in it.

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