Weight of G80 M3 Competition w/ auto and standard seats = 3767 lbs


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F80 was like 3600 lbs with a stripper car right? I think bmw shifted to weighing cars with some of the optional equipment that you’d expect to see in an actual street car which could make 100 pounds or more of a difference

Everyone is going to give you different numbers. Here is BMW US official curb weight numbers for 2019 M4. Note that it’s with full tank. I’m sure some members with DCT have gotten less on their scales. Still it gives us a very good idea that the G8X isn’t the 4000+ lbs porker some stated as more or less gospel based on shaky euro weights.This picture also have weight distribution which with DCT isn’t far off the AT G80.

I’d conclude that BMW did a damn good job controlling the weight of the G8X taken the growth in size, bigger tires etc.

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