G80 M3 Delivery + 400 Mile Journey Home


Picked up a HEA spec G80 M3. Sapphire Black on Kyalami.Background: I’ve owned 4 E9X M3’s, an F90 M5, an F85 X5M and now this. I sold the F90 after 4~ weeks because I didn’t feel connected to the car, the straight line power was epic. I also did this same drive home in that car (that I did with the G80), nowhere near as exciting as doing it with the G80. I sold the F85 after 3~ months because I realized that I hate SUV’s and don’t want to buy another one until I have kids. I skipped the F M3 platform altogether so I can’t compare this apple to that orange. My favorite BMW is still the E9X M3. Something about that 8,400 redline on a car that has styling that was which looked new back then and still looks new today 14 years later.

G80: car is epic, the power across the band is very consistent. No jerking at low speeds (E90 M3) and no neck breaking shift delays at high speeds (E60 M5). It handled the mountains very well. You can definitely feel that this car is a new generation of M car that BMW is introducing to go into a broader market, which makes sense at the price point increase we’ve seen.

I took it to ‘exhilarating’ speeds a lot of times and it wants to keep giving. I’m not sure if there’s a governor or I would simply start braking because of a twisty coming up.

I didn’t feel as if the Sport Plus chassis setting ‘turned on’ until the car had a couple hundred km on it. After that, absolutely epic. I love the feeling of going through the mountain roads and a car not acting like a boat on bumps and dips. Don’t put your M settings into MDM if you want to pump this car red light to red light, it won’t put the power down. Not sure if it’s because the tires were still brand new or it’ll be like that going forward. I didn’t put MDM back on to find out after the first couple of tries. Once it’s been out on the track I’ll see what it can do there with MDM.

Exhaust note, 100% disappointing. I’ll rectify this with 200cel downpipes unless somebody ends up cracking the uncrackable at the same time catless downpipes are released. For those of you (read: me) that have heard the F90 revving and thought BMW might bring a tamer version of that over to this car, with 2 less cylinders, you’d be wrong.

The interior on this car is epic. Very well laid out as usual with M3’s. Kyalami full is beautiful. After hours and hours of driving with only 1 stop, I wasn’t sore and didn’t wish the seats were any comfier. Although, I do have a high tolerance for being uncomfortable so it may be different for most.

Boot space = so so. If you’ve got 2 kids and a spouse, you won’t be fitting a weeks worth of luggage in there.

There’s more I can add. Not sure what people want to know though as they wait for their cars. If you have any questions, let me know.

Onto the pics…

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