Brooklyn Grey (G82) vs Nardo Grey vs Hockenheim Silver


When the first spy pics of the M4 surfaced in Brooklyn Grey (C4P), I thought it looked pretty close to Nardo Grey (P6K/7). I received the HEA in C4P and happened to have an M5 in P6K!First things… The G82 is an ANI///MAL. It’s composed as you would expect at speed, and then some. Apex speeds at your local track will be higher. The brake and steering wheel feedback is phenomenal. The seats (non-bucket) fit me like a glove and were comfortable.

This is the fifth generation M3/ M4 I am selling. I know to expect more performance with each new evolution, but how much more creates the anticipation. I’m not going to repeat what has already been discussed. As a long-time M enthusiast, I will share now that the wait is over; my grin after that first drive was bigger than the new grilles.

I had a close look at C4P (2nd photo), and the way the sunlight hit the metallic paint actually reminded me of Hockenheim Silver. The team corralled all the pretty horses for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

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