We took delivery of our X7 in Grigio Telesto on Ivory M50i.

We took delivery of our X7 in Grigio Telesto on Ivory M50i.


The weather finally cleared up so I could go pick up my wife’s new m50i, and sell a friend her msport 40i at the same time. Once again Brett at Autohaus in STL was awesome and even though we didn’t trade in the 40i, he got my wife’s Savini 22’s mounted on her new car while I waited. We had custom ordered this same color scheme, but this was able to be located in the meantime. We are loving grigio telesto on the x7 and the ivory interior is striking…please say a prayer with us having 3 kids under 10. As you can see we kinda like these gray tones at the moment. Tomorrow it gets ppf, ceramic coating, ind front reflectors, and the lowering links reinstalled. A couple thoughts from my delivery and 300 mile drive…

-the 40i power was fine but this power reminds us of her previous X85 X5M
-having exhaust tone again is awesome..actually would like to add more
-the B&W stereo is awesome but we hadn’t ordered it on our build…still not sure I would but it does sound great
-this unit has a trailer hitch. You can’t unsee it, but it is what it is. I’m surprised there isn’t an integrated cover for it honestly


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