800HP M5 F90 w/ Catless Fi EXHAUST, Eventuri, ECU Tune, Z-Performance Wheels


Hi, I wanted to share this amazing M5 F90 build of Zed Sly. It features our complete catless Fi EXHAUST valvetronic exhaust system with carbon fiber quad tips. By removing primary and secondary cats he was able to significantly reduce back pressure, which lead to increased power and sound volume, and unmistakable aggressive Fi EXHAUST note. It allowed Gorilla Performance to increase horsepower from 600hp to insane 800hp horses.

-Z-Performance 21inch deep concave finished in matte bronze center, with a brushed bronze lip and exposed hardware in gold matching with calipers of the ceramic brakes of BMW,
-Michelin Tires,
-KW Suspension,
-Gorilla Performance ECU tune,
-3D Design Front Lip and carbon fiber diffuser,
-PPF wrap,
-Wrapped and tinted taillights and headlights.

For more info about Fi EXHUAST system for M5 F90 click here: https://bit.ly/37pjLKU

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