Review by MotoMan: 2021 X6M Competition


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The stiff suspension comments are stupid and annoying. BMW has the X5/6 M50i performance SUV that can be ordered with air suspension. M Competition is thought to be for people who want a dynamic, firm and sporty ride. Don’t like it, buy the M50i. It’s as simple as that.

Agree. And lots of people around here are swapping/adding springs etc. for stance and I guess somewhat for “ride quality”. But there’s always a trade-off in responsive handling, body roll, ability to hug corners on a rail, etc.

These journalists want a ride like a marshmallow on top of a cloud, but somehow expect the same sharp handling and zero body roll lol. You can’t have both! Drop down a vehicle to the 40i or 50i if you want a more pillowy ride.

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