Verde Ermes M4 journal. The last RHD individual F82

Verde Ermes M4 journal. The last RHD individual F82


I have already posted some of these pictures here on the day of collection so apologies for that but i thought i’d copy a journal from another forum im onto here.

Apologies for the long initial post but if you have a few minutes spare then have a read of my ramblings.

At the beginning of this year I was fortunate enough to be in a position to purchase my first ever new car so I wanted it to be something a bit special, well to me anyway! With the G8x M3/4 on the horizon, F80 production over some 18 months earlier the F82 M4 was on borrowed time especially if I was to place a factory order to my spec so after some discussion with some contacts within BMW and a couple of dealers the decision was made to commit to an order and go from there.

I have alway been a fan of some of the more unusual paint and interior colours and having owned a few Individual E46’s (a pair of Alpina B3’s and a 330i Touring) it was now my chance to choose a combo.

The interior colour was the first thing i decided on having seen a Golden Brown in a customers car I fell in love with it so that was chosen along with the leather instrument panel (dashboard) option which extends to the door tops and having the stitched leather dash top and lower panels certainly reduces the amount of plastic to give a more upmarket feel to the F8x cabin.

Paint colour was not so straight forward as there are so many great colours to choose from. Early potentials were Purple silk, Mora, Petrol Mica but it was narrowed down Avus blue, Techno Violet and Verde Ermes. Having owned an Avus blue E36 328i convertible and a Techno violet E36 330i Sport touring in the past plus seeing many other BMW’s in these colours over the years I knew full well how they would look but the Verde I had never seen in person so was always going to be a bit of gamble.

I first saw the colour on a pic of it when TRL deals posted on their insta a G21 M340i touring painted in it and (in my opinion) looked stunning so i googled imaged the hell out of the colour and finalised my order.

Option wise I am a bit of a sucker for as many options as possible so when I’ve bought cars in the past I quite often end up doing OEM retro fits to get them how I want them so getting to choose was great. With the end of F82 production looming BMW UK were offering a bundle of options called the ultimate pack so that was picked along with an electric rear blind and apple car play.

SXT1A Indiv. instrument panel, leather-covered

S1CAA Selection of COP-relevant vehicles

S1DEA Exhaust emission standards EU6 RDE

S2MKA M twin-clutch transm. with Drivelogic

S2PAA Locking wheel bolt

S2VBA Tyre pressure display

S2VCA Tyre repair set

S2VFA Adaptive M chassis

S21TA BMW LA wheel M star spoke styling 666

S230A Extra package, EU-speciifc

S248A Steering wheel heater

S3AGA Reversing camera

S302A Alarm system

S322A Comfort access

S4AEA Armrest front, retractable

S4GQA M seat belts

S4WLA Carbon fibre accent black chrome

S415A Sun-blind, rear

S420A Sun protection glazing

S423A Floor mats velours

S428A Warning triangle and first aid kit

S430A Interior/outside mirror with auto dip

S459A Seat adjustment, electric, with memory

S493A Storage compartment package

S494A Seat heating driver/passenger

S5ACA High-beam assistant

S5AGA Lane change warning

S5ASA Driving Assistant

S5DAA Passenger airbag deactivation

S5DLA Surround View

S508A Park Distance Control (PDC)

S552A Adaptive LED headlight

S575A Additional 12V sockets

S6ACA Intelligent emergency call

S6AEA Teleservices

S6AKA Connected Drive Services

S6AMA Real-Time Traffic Information

S6APA Remote Services

S6CPA Preparation Apple CarPlay

S6NWA Telephony with wireless charging

S6WDA WLAN Hotspot

S609A Navigation system Professional

S610A Head-up display

S654A DAB tuner

S688A Harman/Kardon surround sound system

S698A Area-Code 2 for DVD

S7MAA Competition package

P7MNA M Competition package

S7M9A Individual option high-gloss Shadow-Line

S760A High gloss shadow line

S8KAA Oil service interval 24 mths / 30,000 km

S8R9A Refrigerant R1234yf

S8SMA Car ident. number visible from outside

S8S2A Coding, alarm signal

S8S3A Automatic locking during starting

S8TGA Thiefproofing device

S8THA Road sign detection

L812A National version England / Ireland

S850A Dummy-SALAPA

S880A On-board literature, English

S431A Interior mirror with automatic-dip

S490A Adjustment, seat-backrest width

S521A Rain sensor

S534A Automatic air conditioning

S544A Cruise control with brake function

S563A Light package

S775A Headlining anthracite

S853A Language version, English

Through my contacts within BMW I was informed that last day of F82 production was scheduled for April 22nd and some strings were being pulled to line mine up to be built on that day with it being the last RHD car to be built and a personal factory tour was arranged when the build date was confirmed so I was going actually see my M4 built on the production line!

Then some virus started spreading about and that all went out the window! Just as I was about to start booking a hotel and flights the factory shut and then UK started to go into lock down, gutted that this once in a lifetime opportunity for a massive BMW fan boy was snatched from me but first world problems and all that when the world headed into unprecedented times!

Several weeks later BMW plant Munich opened back up and production started again with F82 production rescheduled to end on June 8th and my contacts managed to again line mine up to be built on that day.

It ended up being the last RHD F82 built with Individual paint, 10th from last of all RHD F82 production, the reason it wasn’t the last as with they pull some individual paint cars to be painted off the line so its easier for the build sequence of the last cars to be painted on the line I was told.

A consolation prize of not seeing it being built in person was a snap of it on the line.

Mostly complete at plant Munich.

Despite living in Surrey I ended up purchasing the car through Sytner Harold Wood as I knew some guys there and they came in very competitive on the deal. A good friend and former college of mine is a (very good) senior tech there so it was arranged for him to do the PDI and wash it! There was no way that was being left to the dealers “valeters”!

Pictures at the top of the post were on the day of collection and the first time I saw Verde Ermes in the flesh and the above pictures are later that day when I got it home. I was blown away with the colour when I first saw it and am so glad the gamble paid off and I know this combo wont be to everyones taste but that does’t really bother me and I intend to keep the car for a long time. Its one of those colours that changes depending on light with it looking almost like Boston green in gloomy weather to an emerald green in brighter light to an almost gold colour at some angles in direct sun light.

From my research it is one of only two RHD F82 M4 in Verde Ermes, the other having a black interior so as far as I know it is a one off in the UK.

Let the running in commence!

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